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About SkyRider

What is a SkyRider?

ASkyRider is a simple but highly addictive thrill ride, giving the rider the unique sensation of flying, with the adrenaline rush of speed whilst swooping round bends.

It’s like a roller coaster and zip line combined into one. Whilst powered by gravity, it can accommodate people as small as 1.2m and as big as 110kg, so this includes children as well as adults. SkyRiders have been fitted into indoor and outdoor spaces and have been built as part of an overall attraction or even added to an existing space. The ride is bespoke to your venue and can be built to your specific requirements. Once installed, SkyRider is easy to operate and to maintain.

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The first SkyRiders were installed in 1992 and some of those are still in operation today. The design has been further developed since then to accommodate bigger thrill seekers. The latest generation of SkyRiders have been improved and updated with a design that now includes easy fit harnesses to produce an experience that is more exhilarating and feels more like flying.

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designed to your specific requirements
Each SkyRider is Unique –

Indoor installations, the ride is usually supported from the roof structure. Outdoor installations, the SkyRider is supported by either trees or mast structures.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Versions
  • Bespoke Design and Build
  • Top Speed of up to 30mph!


We are Inventors, Creators, Technical Designers and Safety Experts

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We are an established, proactive team of inventors, creators, technical designers and safety experts with a combined knowledge and experience of over 95 years gained from within the outdoor and indoor play industries.

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