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Design and Build

Each SkyRider designed and built is bespoke to your premises and location. The ride is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Indoor, the ride is usually supported from the roof structure. Outdoor, the SkyRider is supported by either trees or mast structures. The take off and landing platforms are often supplied as a stand alone unit, but can also be incorporated into a more complex structure such as an indoor adventure play area, or utilise an existing climbing or zip line tower. The ride itself has an average speed of 15mph with possible top speeds of 30mph.

SkyRider Outside


Design and Installation

SkyRider is unique and completely adaptable it can be installed into an indoor or outdoor situation and designed to suit your requirements.

  • Theme Parks
  • Adventure Parks
  • Farm Parks
  • Holiday Parks
  • Forests
  • Trampoline Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Indoor Play Areas
  • Quarries
  • and more….



The ride components include a bespoke steel track, trolleys, a range of safety harnesses and a safety control gate system. There are no powered elements in a Skyrider as the ride uses gravity to move the rider. A graduated ramp or first drop at the beginning of the ride enables the trolley to pick up speed and this propels the rider round the track initially. After that, the gradual fall of the track ensures that the rider does not lose speed on the way round the bends and twists of the track, until they come into the landing platform at the end of the ride.

SkyRider Technical Drawing


Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions about SkyRider, that’s why we have tried to answer some of them. If you still need answers give us a call or navigate to our Contact Us Page and send us an email. In the meantime take a look around our website, visit our Facebook Page and make sure you watch the videos!

The Skyrider throughput is dependent on the length of track and location of the ride. However, currently operational SkyRiders have a throughput of approximately 60 people per hour. Obviously within this figure, safety is paramount and we work with the clients to ensure a safe riding experience. We can add throughput if needed in adventure and theme park locations, by increasing the number of tracks from the same launch area.

You don’t. The thrill of the ride is that you are in the hands of gravity!

It is a secure manned ride with trained operators to ensure that safety remains paramount for the riders. The ride system has been approved in the UK and the USA using ADIPS and ASTM F24

Each SkyRider is bespoke with a tailor-made design that will be specific to your needs and your venue. After an initial site visit will be able to advise you of the limitations or the scope of ride that we can design for you. But here are some basic guidelines:
Minimum height under roof beams:
Example 60m ride = 7.5m to be able to land at just above head height
Example 60m ride = 5.5m to land at ground level within an enclosure
Longer rides and rides flying over existing attractions need more height

See our details on our Contact Us Page
We have a dedicated team of professionals designing and installing SkyRiders and who will manage the project from the initial contact to final handover of the ride.

SkyRider Video

Are you ready for the SkyRider experience?

A short video featuring a typical outdoor SkyRider project. The video demonstrates and highlights all the added benefits that a SkyRider installation has to offer a play attraction.


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